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About Us

HENGTAI INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Who we are?  We are perfect combination of manufacturing and trading company, have rich experience in exporting and marketing of power engine, generator and garden power tools. All those products are designed and manufactured in according to the related latest international standard and the quality system. Most of them have been awarded CE, GS, EU-II certificates, and have been distributed in more than 30 countries.   What we have? Latest and qualified products contain gasoline engine, diesel engine, gasoline generators, diesel generator sets, alternator, cultivator, chain saw, brush cutter hedge trimmer, lawn mower, water pump, olive harvester and their parts.   Why choose us? With Strong R&D innovation, always Create Value for Partner,...

Catalogue and Products

Gasoline Engine

2-Stroke Gasoline Engine

1E34F 2-Stroke Gasoline Engine, 1E36F Gasoline Engine, 1E40F-5A Gasoline Engine, 1E40F-5B Gasoline Engine, 1E44F Gasoline Engine, 148F 2-Stroke Gasoline Engine,

4-Stroke Gasoline Engine

KY154F 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine, KY168F Gasoline Engine, KY168F-1 Gasoline Engine, KY177F 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine, KY188F/E 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine, KY170F Gasoline Engine, KY190F 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine,

Diesel Engine

170F Diesel Engine, 178F Diesel Engine, 186F 4-stroke Diesel Engine, 186FA Air Cooled Diesel Engine, 188F Diesel Engine, Double cylinder Diesel Engines,

Gasoline Generators

KY-G Series Gasoline Generators

KY-G Series Gasoline Generators

KY-S Series Gasoline Generators

New Design Gasoline Generator

KY-M Series Gasoline Generators

KY-M Series Gasoline Generators

Portable Gasoline Generators

Portable Gasoline Generators, Hand-held Gasoline Generators,

Diesel Generators

Air Cooled Diesel Generators

Double Cylinder Diesel Generator, 2.0kw Diesel Generators, 3.0kw Diesel Generators, 5.0kw Diesel Generator, 6.5kw Diesel Generators,

Water Cooled Diesel Gensets

Water Cooled Diesel Gensets


Brushed Alternator

STC Series Brushed Alternator

Brushless Alternator

Brushless Alternator

Power Tiller

Gasoline Tiller

7HP power Gasoline Tiller, Gasoline Tiller, New Design Gasoline Tiller, New style Gasoline Tiller, Single Cylinder Gasoline Tiller, GardenTiller, Mini Tiller, Gasoline Tiller, Gasoline Cultivator, Gasoline Tiller,

Diesel Tiller

Diesel Tillers, Diesel Power Cultivator, Diesel Tiller, Handle agricultrual tractor,


Gasoline Chainsaws

25.4CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 37.2CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 41.0CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 45.2CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 49.2CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 55.0CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 61.5CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 62.0CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 65.0CC Gasoline Chainsaws, 72.0CC Gasoline Chainsaws,

Brush Cutters

Gasoline Brush Cutters

Gasoline Brush Cutter, Gasoline Brush Cutter, Gasoline Brush Cutter, Gasoline Brush Cutter, 62cc Gasoline Brush Cutter, Knapsack Brush Cutter, Knapsack Gasoline Brush Cutter, Knapsack Brush Cutter,

Lawn Mowers

Electric Lawn Mowers

1000W Electric Lawn Mowers, 32CM Electric Lawn Mowers, 43cm Electric Lawn Mowers, 1300W Electric Lawn Mowers, 38CM Electric Lawn Mowers, 38cm Electric Lawn Mower, Wireless Electric Lawn Mowers, 1800W Electric Lawn Mowers,

Power Lawn Mowers

Scythe Mower, Multi-functional scythe mower, 80cm Sickle bar Lawn mower, 90cm Power Scythe Mower, 120cm Scythe Mower,

Multi Functions Machine

Multi Functions Machine, 42.7cc Multi Functions Machinery, 52CC Multi Functions Machine, 26CC Multi-functions machine, 62CC Multi Functions Machine,

Hedge Trimmer

Gasoline Hedge Trimmer

Single blade Hedge Trimmer, Double blades Gasoline Hedge Trimmer, Hedge Trimmer,

Earth Auger

Single handle Earth Auger, Gasoline Power Earth Auger, Double handle Earth Auger, 62cc Double handle Earth Auger,

Olive Harvest Machine

Electrical Olive Harvest Machine, Pneumatic Olive Shaker,

Water Pump

Gasoline Water Pump

1.5 inch Gasoline Water Pump, 1.5" High lift Gasoline Water Pump, 2 inch Gasoline Water Pump, 2" High lift Gasoline Water Pump, 3 inch Gasoline Water Pump, 3" High lift Gasoline Water Pump, 4 inch Gasoline Water Pump,

Diesel Water Pump

2" Diesel Water Pump, 3" Diesel Water Pump, 4" Diesel Water Pump,



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